Rainy Day Bridal Portrait : Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

We had a rainy day in Wilmington and Megan was in town for only a few days so we headed into our Downtown Wilmington NC photography studio and got to photograph her in hew awesome wedding dress. Bridal sessions are my favorite because we do not have a schedule to have to adhere to which allows me to take my time and use different techniques I generally would not have time for on a wedding day.

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Chris Lang Photography Studio Launched - Wilmington NC Photographers

I am stoked about our new studio space in downtown Wilmington. Just launched a small brochure website Chris Lang Studio. The website will be growing as we get more time in the studio. The studio is 2500 Sq. Ft. and has such a unique look. Come on by and see us.

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World's Best Audio System 2012 - Wilmingtong NC

Got a cool $500,000 laying around. This year the system cam in right around 500K. Needless to say it was “Awesome.”

In 2008, Jeff Fritz developed an event based on his column, "The World’s Best Audio System," which he began writing in 2004 on http://www.UltraAudio.com. The idea was simple, somewhat controversial, and highly ambitious: With cost not a consideration, pick the absolute best audio components available at any price, assemble them into a singular super stereo system in my Music Vault listening room, and have representatives of each company fly to North Carolina (where he lives) for a celebratory gathering. The latest and greatest The World’s Best Audio System is now a reality and presented here for you to enjoy.