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We absolutely LOVE Chis! He is very professional, punctual, laid back and makes the process simple. He makes you feel like an old friend taking your pictures rather than a photographer. His eye for the “perfect shot” is unbelievable! Chris’ style makes the groom feel at ease and the sessions do not feel like a chore which is a big plus, if your husband is like mine
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Bride Waliking down Isle at Poplar Grove Plantation Wilmingotn NC
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Outdoor Wedding at Poplar Grove Plantation Wilmington NC
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Wedding photography - Poplar Grove
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Poplar Grove Plantation | A great place for wedding photography

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Poplar Grove Plantation is one of North Carolinas oldest peanut plantations and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Poplar Grove is gaining popularity among Wilmington NC Wedding Venues especially for the outdoor wedding experience. Poplar Grove offers a great backdrop for wedding photography and outdoor weddings. From a photographers perceptive, I find Poplar Grove a quaint and rustic settings with textures that make for great wedding photography.

There is a massive oak tree in the middle of the property that makes for an incredible backdrop. A really unique feature of Poplar Grove for weddings is that they place rustic farm doors out on the lawn that stand alone . This makes for a really cool entrance of the bride. The doors can be closed so the bride can be introduced in a somewhat traditional fashion emulating the rear doors opening from the back of a church or chapel. Pretty cool for an outdoor wedding feature to bring an extension of the bride walking into the wedding.

I find all the colors and textures I am looking for when creating an awesome outdoor wedding portfolio. Some other key elements that make for awesome wedding photography is the barns and older wood structures. In addition to these there is the main plantation house. It has a classic look and feel and also makes for a classic southern wedding backdrop.

Poplar Grove Plantation also makes a great place for bridal portraits and engagement sessions. The property is vast and depending on the season, there will be a palette of natural colors and vegetation to enhance the photography portfolio. Attached to the property is a nature trail where I have done some individual sessions. There is a walking bridge over a small lake that creates a very beautiful natural setting for photographs. Poplar Grove is a great place if you are looking for a outdoor wedding venue with a historical feel and rustic notes. For more info Poplar Grove Plantation Information you can visit their site. if you are looking for a premier Wilmington NC wedding photographer, Give us a shout or drop us a line we would love to talk to you about your wedding plans and share with you what we do.
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