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Bald Head Island Drone Virtual Tour | Bald Head Island Photographers

Bald Head Island is absolutely one of my favorite places.  As a professional Wilmington NC Photographer, Bald Head Island is an absolute joy to work on.   Whether  you are planning a Bald Head Island Wedding or taking a family vacation, Bald Head Island is a unique and special experience.  Anyone who has visited Bald Head Island once will be sure to tele you they are going back.   Professionally  it is one of my favorite places and personally it is our family favorite place to visit in North Carolina.

The video does not do Bald Head Island complete justice as the experience on the ground is its own adventure.  One aspect that makes Bald Head Island unique is there are no cars.  The only form of transportations is golf carts, bikes, or walking.   It is a incredible get away from the hustle of busy life where everything seems to slow down while on Bald Head Island.

I have been so fortunate to work with wedding couples on their wedding day along with vacationing families wanting to capture their time on the island.  Truth be told one of the few time I actually capture my family in pictures is while I am on Bald Head Island.

If you are looking for a really different kind of get away take a look at Bald Head Island.   Be warned that once there it will be hard not to come back.   It is a special place to create special memories. I feel so lucky to have brought my own family there to make memories.

If you are looking for a Bald Head Island Photographer  or Bald Head Island Wedding Photographer   check out Chris Lang Photography.  I specialize in capturing life in a creative way.

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