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Anitmated Photography

Starting with a still image, Chris brings photos to life using animation to create a whole new dimension to still photography. These are not video based but rather computer animated so there is a greater capability to stylize the image or work more freely with composite photos.

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Sometimes it is just being creative in-camera with using creative light. And other times I see something and run with it. As you can see in the above pictures the original was created in-camera with minimal color post production. The finished product is what I call a “Signature Portrait.” The image above is a composite image. This is where two or more images will be used in the design process.

A common misunderstanding in the recent growth of digital photography is that “Creative Photography” does not necessarily have to be accomplished out of camera as seen above. Creative photography does not depend on the digital canvas with tools such as photoshop. Creative photography can be created in camera by the photographer using there own creative skill-set.

I believe that the true creative photographer is inspired by their own imagination and creativity. In the modern field of photography, creative gets attached to everything and everyone. I personally believe that creative people, photographers for that fact, can be inspired by peers in their field. However, when people try and emulate other peoples work for the purpose of success, attention, prosperity, they are missing the whole point of being creative and enjoying their own personal creative journey of artistic exploration and expression.

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Creative Photographers | Wilmington NC

Too often in the current world of photographers, pursuing a business in photography it is easy to identify majority of people chasing each others ideas and styles trying to figure out what a photographer is. Instead of pursuing their own creative originality, they try and emulate photographers who appear to be successful rather than pursing the individual creative journey. I admire and learn from some awesomely creatively talented artists -photographers. I enjoy their work because I know they created with their own passion and creativity. And thought I enjoy it, get consumed by it, I do not try and copy them and or their style.
Creative photography is an extension of conventional photography into creative art. One of the goals is it's purpose. This is to stimulate creative thoughts and encourage experimentation of creating image. The image should be based on and have some resemblance to the image maker's original photographic work, modified exclusively by the photographer. In essence, a creative photographer is one who modifies their own images both in and out of camera but not exclusively with both.
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