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Headshots are for everyone…

Headshot Photogrphy - Wilmington NC Headshot Photographers
A headshot is a specific type of portrait. It is a modern day portrait that is used for branding where the emphasis of the picture is the personality inside the person. A head shot is an image that portrays a person as they are. The trends of head shots have changed over the years but still serve the same purpose. Traditionally, head shots were used for models, actors and those in the entertainment field however with the explosion of social medial and professional online affiliations everyday people are acquiring professional head shots for use on social media sites like Linked in, dating websites and facebook.

My approach to headshots is finding the personality within. The eyes are the central focus point for me. Most of my
head shot sessions are done in our Photography Studio however for some business and environmental head shots the session will incorporate the appropriate background such as work, hobbies or interests. It is becoming more popular trend and acceptable to shoot professional head shots and commercial portraits with the lifestyle look & feel known as industrial headshots.

There is something true to life and not canned when shooting
headshots in an unscripted manner.
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Headshots are not just for actors and models anymore. With the worldwide web and global connect, every working professional and everyday person should have a great headshot. Headshots are being used in more ways today to include online business, social media, social networking and even dating websites. Traditionally headshot were for actors and fell into two categories. Commercial Headshots and Theatrical Headshots. Now when someone says they need a headshot it could be for anything and any use. Below are some common uses for headshots.

Theatrical Headshots

Theatrical Headshots -
Theatrical headshots are geared towards being cast in plays, TV shows, and films. In theatrical headshots, you really want to see the depth of a person’s personality. Theatrical headshots show a more emotional depth than a commercial headshot. Generally theatrical headshots express a more confident look and expression without a smile although this is not a hard rule but more the norm.

Male Actor posing for headshot -Theactrical headshot - NC headshot photographers

Female model posing for headshot - Commercial headshots - Wilmington NC Headshot Photographers

Commercial Headshots

Commercial Headshots:
Commercial headshots are designed to appeal to the advertising industry. The purpose of a commercial is to promote a product to a specific demographic. In your commercial headshot, you really want to consider what demographic you fall into and concentrate on that style and presentation in personality. Commercial headshots generally would be made with a smile to show personality and energy. This is not always the case as certain product and industries may call for a more serious or confidant demeanor.

Corporate / Business Headshots

Corporate / Business Headshots:
A business headshot is crucial for today's media driven business world. People want know a person not a business. It is import to convey personality and a professional but approachable appearance. These can be formal to casual depending on the presentation, culture, and personality of the company. Corporate headshots can be a studio style headshot or a industrial style headshot which is the big trend in business headshots.

male businesman getting a headshot - Corporate Headshots - Wilmington NC Headshot Photographers

Beuatiful woman headshot - Social media headshots - Wilmingotn NC headshot photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Social Media Headshots

Social Media Headshots:
Yes social media. Look how many business rely on social media for exposure, brand, expression and conecction. Whether a business or even if you are your own brand, everyone with an online presence, business. product or service should have professional headshot. Social media headshots are an important part of a professional image that influences perceptions.

Style of Headshots

Studio image of a woman executive headshot on grey background - headshots-wilmington-nc-chris lang photography

Studio - Headshots

Studio style headshots take place in studio or on location to accommodate large groups and timelines. Studio headshots will generally have a plain background or textured backdrop. From white to grey to black and any other color needed, studio headshots allow a wide range of creativity in headshot presentation.

Studio style headshots can be natural light or studio lighting and even a combination of both. Studio headshots can be created with dramatic looks and lighting for high contrast looks and shadows to very a balanced light for brighter presentation.

Image of male exectuive headshot - Environmental headshot - headshots-wilmington-nc-chris lang photography

Environmental - Headshots

Environmental Headshots is one of the fastest growing styles in headshot photography. Environmental headshots is a picture of a person in their familiar surroundings. The surroundings can be indoor or outdoor and should tie in what the person does or who they are.

These type of portraits can be done with different lighting set ups, and allow us to be a bit more creative with the backgrounds available at your office / business location. Spice up your headshot or corporate image with an environmental portrait. We would love to earn your business.

Why have a Headshot?

  • 1. Professional Image

    For many of us our image is our brand or at least the perception of our brand. Marketing firms and advertisers pay millions every year on their image to help market product or services. Effective image goes a very long way. A professional image stands out and influences perceptions. Think about it… Why is your online presence any different.

  • 2. Conveys Your Personality

    In the world wide web of business and social networks there are no longer any boundaries or borders. People want to know you and know what you look like. While they may never meet you in person they want to put a face to the name and to your personality. It is about making a personal connection even if it is miles away.

  • 3. It is Your Digital Business Card

    It is safe to say almost every one is on the internet nowadays. Almost every website has an about us page. Many people look for the pictures of the people behind the brand first. They want to make a connection to the people as much as the brand. Having a great headshot is like a digital business card that sends the message of your personality.

  • 4 Social Media Is The New Norm

    Social media sites like LinkedIn has grown in popularity especially in the professional world. It has become one of the biggest network platforms for businesses and individual professionals. These online resources have an abundance of advantages including networking, advertising, recruiting, and connecting information and resources.

  • 5. You Get One Chance For A First Impression

    If you are in business or seeking to be hired for you appearance, you should have a professional headshot that conveys professionalism and presentation. Professional interviewers will tell you that many job interviews are won and lost in the first minute. It is about how you look (professional) how you dress and how you carry yourself. In the world of the internet, the odds are high that your profile picture will be your first impression on people. Many companies now view your online presence as part of or even before you make it to interview. A professional photographer can bring out the best in you and your look as a great headshot is more than looking into a camera. It is about angles, posture, light, expression and confidence.

Headshot of female model posing for commercial photography - Wilmington NC Headshot Photographers

Wilmington NC Headshot Photographers

Times have changed. More and more your photo will be in front of someone before you ever meet them. It's a visual world and with social media your head shot or portrait is a huge component of your first impression with potential employers, clients, and social networks. Your "profile" photo should reflect your professionalism, style and personality. Whether you plan to use your photo on your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or dating site, I will complete a thorough needs assessment to give you the best branding advise for style, presentation and wardrobe.

The power and influence of a professional headshot will last a lifetime.
Headshot Photography is more than knowing how to use light and a camera. It is being able to connect with the people on the other side of the lens and bring their personality and confidence into a image.

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