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Chris is a true professional. In addition to taking amazing photos (his website says it all!), he is responsive, helpful, gives direction, and makes you feel at ease.
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Chris has been a full time professional photographer in Wilmington,NC since 2005. He is a multi-faceted creative photographer and image-maker that does not shoot any one style. Being a creative person,Chris does not like to be pin-holed into one style of photography. Chris is a creative photographer who naturally integrates a lifestyle approach. From professional portraits to wedding photography to professional golf, Chris is bit of a “jack of all trades" in "image-making.” Being a creative professional and photographing various styles, keeps him creatively fresh and in tune with his clients. We are fortunate and grateful that in a field full of options, that we have a impeccable reputation among Wilmington NC Photographers.
Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas, provide some of the best photography scenes and back drops that will rival many big cities. From the beaches and Intercoastal waterway to the Wilmington Downtown Riverfront, there are some amazing places to photograph in the Cape Fear Region. Wilmington, NC Photography scenic locations are not all common knowledge and more and more popular photography locations are requiring professional photographer fees for on location photography sessions. However, we do keep a few locations we love to shoot to ourselves. One of our secret places is our 2000 sq. ft., Photography Studio located one block from the Downtown Riverfront. So if you are looking for a Wilmingon NC Photographer, give us a call.
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Chris is always in pursuit of creative perfection. While it will never be achieved, it is in the pursuit that allows for the creativity to flow. He is always on a creative journey that challenges him to create different photography styles. On any given day Chris might be working on a colorful style of wedding photography and then the next day working on a commercial photography project. While these two mediums might be very different from one another, it connects his creativity to the art of image. Chris does not look like anyone else because he does not try to be like anyone else. He stays true to his own style and being his own artist. If you are looking around at his pictures and want any information, please drop us a line. Chris is easy going and laid back and enjoys talking photography.
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