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can't say enough on Chris...Beautiful work. Easy to work with. Loved him!
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Picture of young boy on the beach
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Young girl on beach with family at Wrightsville Beach
A picture of brothers and sister on the beach
Dad playing with daughter at teh beach
Family having picture taken on the beach
Family having fun on the beach
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Picture of family playing twister on the beach
family having a lifestyle portrait session at the beach
Wilmington Family Portriat Photographer picture of kids on the beach posing for the photographer
Dad Juggleing on the beach with kids
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A young boy spinning a twister board at the beach during Lifestyle Photo Session
Family picture on beach
A family walking on the beach during family photography session in Wilmington NC
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  • What is Lifestyle Family Photography?

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    What is Lifestyle Family Photography? It is the same as Lifestyle Photography but blending in the family together. For Chris, it is about capturing the natural. Capturing the personalities often in a candid moment. From the beginning I have always photographed in a lifestyle methodology even before lifestyle photography became a buzz word. It was and still is how I always capture families. It is fun and often chaotic when young children are involved From the outside person looking in, it can look unplanned, unscripted and un organized. Add all of these ingredients and you get candid, natural looking pictures that are true to life and full of the personalities that are in them. That is exactly what life style photography is. I just add that to the family which can be an adventure on its own.
  • Family Photography

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    From personal experience I can tell you that family photography is important. Even as a full time photographer I have to admit that my family is shot on our photos where everyone is in them. The sad reality you discover when it is too late is that life moves FAST and our children grow up before our eye's. It is only when we look at a picture form the year prior that they are growing up fast. Those times cannot be replaced however those seasons in life can be remembered in image. The photograph is the the irreplaceable treasure.
  • Lifestyle Family Portraits

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    "Lifestyle" family portraits are more about capturing the family in that candid moment. It is not about your family photographer getting every one to look at the camera a the same time. Is has a very natural feel that can be a powerful photo that draws in reflection to the personalities of the family or even a fun lighthearted moment that defines a family together. Of course there is something special about the traditional style of a family portrait and when we do a family sessional we take the time to make sure we got all angles covered. So if you are looking for your Wilmington Family Photographer with a creative and lifestyle approach to family portraits, Chris is the perfect fit.

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