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Amazing! Chris's work is just beautiful.
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Portriat Photogrphy - Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers
A headshot is a specific type of portrait. It is a modern day portrait that is used for branding where the emphasis of the picture is the personality inside the person. A head shot is an image that portrays a person as they are. The trends of head shots have changed over the years but still serve the same purpose. Traditionally head shots were used for models, actors and those in the entertainment field however with the explosion of social medial and professional online affiliations everyday people are acquiring professional head shots for use on social media sites like Linked in, dating websites and facebook.

Chris’s approach to head shots is finding the personality within. The eyes are the central focus point for him. Most of our
head shot sessions are done in our Photography Studio however for some business and environmental head shots the session will incorporate the appropriate background such as work, hobbies or interests. It becoming more popular and acceptable to shoot professional head shots and commercial portraits with the lifestyle look & feel. Personally, there is something true to life and not canned when shooting portraits in an unscripted manner and more of a lifestyle portrait.
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Portrait and Headhsot photographers in Wilmington NC

Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers

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    Times have changed and more and more your photo will be in front of someone before you ever meet them. It's a visual world and with social media your portrait is a huge component of your first impression with potential employers, clients, friends. Your "profile" photo should reflect your professionalism, style and personality. Whether you plan to use your photo on your company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or dating site, we do a needs assessment and advise you on settings and wardrobe. The power of a strong portrait lasts a lifetime and is a marker in time that can remember certain seasons of life. Portrait Photography is more than knowing how to light and use your camera. It is being able to connect with the people on the other side of the lens and being them to a place where the image-maker can create a powerful image capturing the personality of people. Portraits can take on a varied of personalities. Chris will complete a needs assessment to help guide the portrait process. This helps identify what the portrait is intended for and what it is to be.
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    In contrast to the head shot, a "Lifestyle" or environmental portrait would portray a person with elements of his life such as his work, interests, etc. Introducing the Lifestyle Photography style of of portraits is becoming more and more common and often assists with tying in the personality of the subject to connection of their personality. Most all of the lifestyle sessions are done out of the photography studio. If you are looking for an experienced Wilmington Portrait Photographer with a signature style, Chris is the perfect fit fro a streamlined process.

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