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I would highly recommend Chris Lang Photography. It was such a pleasure working with Chris. His quality is top notch and one of the nicest people I've ever met. He was professional and made the whole experience fun!
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Lifestyle Photography Wilmington NC
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Lifestyle photography has been around since the age of the camera. The term "lifestyle," however, has become more and more a recent branding style among the many photographers. Wikipedia defines Lifestyle photography as a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. Lifestyle photography. (2013, September 10). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 21:31, January 12, 2014,
In essence,
Lifestyle Photography is the art of every day. Lifestyle Photography can be applied to several mediums of photography such as portrait, commercial photography and even wedding photography.

Chris takes his creative vision of lifestyle and incorporates his ability to read real life situations and capture the essence of who people are in image. Lifestyle is almost a photo journalistic approach to photography. However, at times, the photographer will have more creative control over subjects and scenes.

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Not all lifestyle photographers are the same. In fact, the term lifestyle is not even used among photographers in the same way. Lifestyle Photography has become a buzz word in photography and if you ask 20 different lifestyle photographers what that means you might get 20 different answers. While it might be hard to coin the term, there is a bit of freedom in the definition as it really does have to depend more on the individual photographer, rather than the definition. So,in essence, there are no two lifestyle photographers that are alike. This is because the personality and creativity of every photographer is different. How one perceives and interprets people and life is different. So Lifestyle Photography is not any one-style of photography, but rather a creative process to capture the art of you in the everyday.
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My style of photography might be hard to define as I flow in and out of multiple styles. When it comes to lifestyle, it is an approach to making pictures rather than the actual style or creative processing of the image. There are styles within styles and styles within methods of image-making. If you look around my web sites long enough, you will see that there is not one style of the actual images. For example, If I am creating a corporate lifestyle portrait session the approach to the everyday connect might not be the same. The styles of the photos, however, might be very different than if I were shooting for a wedding photography or even a creative portrait session. These could all be lifestyle approaches however the looks of the pictures might be very different in composition, colors, design. So colors and the styles of the picture does not define the lifestyle approach nor does the lifestyle approach define the style.
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Inside the Camera
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Lifestyle Photographer

Chris Lang is a North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography. Lifestyle Photography is the art of you in the everyday. In essence, Lifestyle is a attitude and presentation that take s more creative, natural and often candid process as compared to a portrait session. While lifestyle session do incorporate a portrait style, it also brings a more free flowing process to capture the personality of you in a fun and creative process.

Chris is a creative lifestyle photographer in Wilmington NC.

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Design for Purpose
Lifestyle Photographer in Wilmington NC specializing in Lifestyle Photography

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