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Bridal Session with Christina | River Landing Wallace NC | Wedding Photography


Bridal Session with Christina at River Landing Country Club | Wallace NC | River Landing Wedding Photographers

River Landing is not only a beautiful wedding venue but also makes for the perfect location and backdrop for bridal photography.   Christina was having her wedding on the River Landing Veranda and wanted to have her bridal portrait made in some of the popular River Landing photography locations.  

Bridal Session at River Landing Country Club - Wallace NC - Chris Lang Photography

The above pictures were made on the deck overlooking the pond by the River Landing covered bridge.  

Bridal session at River Landing Wallace NC - Wedding Dress - Bridal Photos - Wedding Ideas

River Landing Covered Bridge

The above series of pictures were made at the River Landing Covered Bridge .  One of my favorite places for sure on a wedding day.  Such a classic presentation and backdrop for any wedding. 

Image of bride on the covered bridge at River Landing | Wallace NC | River Landing Wedding Photography

River Landing Wedding Photos - Chris Lang Photography - River Landing Wedding Photography

The day we photographed Christina's bridal session it was raining so for more than half the time were were photographing inside the River Landing club house or under cover areas.  The above photos were made in the front of the clubhouse under the front door awning.   To create the impression  of a bright beautiful day I used a canon 200 f2 telephoto lens to blow out the background and used a small bush behind Christina to create a natural garden style feel and look.  Using this lens allows me to do things that most other lenses cannot as you can seen in the pictures above.  One would not think that there was a parking lot behind her.   Due to weather at this point in the session, we did not know if we were going to have a chance to make it outside to the River Landing brick bridge or the waterfall on 18.  One of the 3 above bridal pictures was Christina's selection for the bridal portrait.  

Wedding pictures at the Vineyards in River Landing Wallace NC - Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding pictures at the brick bridge in River Landing - Wedding Photography Ideas

When we got our first break from the rain we scampered outside the took a few shots at the River Landing Waterfall  and the River Landing covered bridge and had just a few minutes at the vineyards.

There is always opportunity to create and when photographing outside.  When the outside is your studio for the day you get what you get and create with the light you have to make great pictures.   There is alway opportunity to create.  It is a mindset to seek opportunity in any conditions rather than let the conditions impact creativity.  If you are looking for River landing wedding photographers be sure to find someone who can be creative in any condition and variations of light.

If you are looking for a amazing wedding venue   check out some of my River Landing weddings portfolio to see all the River Landing wedding venues and popular River Landing photography spots.



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