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Because Image Matters

“ We were blown away when we saw our pictures. You are a master of your craft and unbelievably talented.”
Nicole H. San Diego Ca
The thought and detail in every picture was just stunning. These pictures made a lot of my family literally cry from joy when seeing them.

“Clients Say it Better”

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    Chris, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the photographs of my daughter Sarah's wedding. As I was looking at the pictures I started thinking to myself. Everyone of these "picures" is not a picture, rather they are individual works of art. I am so happy with the pictures, words cannot explain. Thank you very much. If anyone wants a reference to attest to your work, I will be more than happy to oblige. Again, thanks for a wonderful job. You captured a special day in a special way.
    Dennis E
    With the age of digital photography, there has been a diluting of the photography talent pool, often with amateurs posing to be artists and with the consumer left with too many choices. Since my father was a professional photographer before the dawn of the digital age, I saw this transformation. When our special date was set, it was actually my wife that took this task under her wing. When she first showed me Chris's web site and asked me what I thought of it, his artistic eye immediately caught my attention. It was obvious he took a lot of time and thought to come up with photographic sets that would make your moment stand out. We didn't want to have 'that' wedding album that would consist of the same stale regurgitated shots that just about every other couple out there ends up with. While it seems risky, we were confident after meeting with Chris that he would give us the type of style we wanted in our wedding photos. The end result was beautiful work that went beyond the lens, as Chris crafted the most special shots with what I consider photographic works of art. Many of the photos he took can't be relegated to small frames. They deserve to be in a magazine or better. The total package was a huge success, from his very fair pricing, his professional work ethic, and with consistent and thoughtful follow-up throughout the entire process. When you end up deciding on a photographer, while there are many out there that will capture a beautiful wedding, Chris Lang will certainly be one of your very best options and we are very glad we got to know him. Your wedding photographs will stay with you for a lifetime, long after your memories fade, so don't risk it on such a special day. . I feel so fortunate to have found Chris. I called numerous photographers while in the planning stages, and immediately felt connected to Chris. While it seemed that many photographers treated this solely as a business deal, I could tell that Chris was both passionate and meticulous about his work. When my sister got married, we all felt like we were at the mercy of the photographer, and our memories are mainly of posing for the camera, not of enjoying the day (p.s. the photographer was a family friend). Chris, on the other hand, fit in perfectly with all the chaos, and actually made us enjoy the event more. He took a family that doesn't enjoy being photographed and put us at ease (He was so calming that he almost felt like one of the members of our family). We truly feel that he is a rockstar! Not only was he the most amazing guy to work with, but when we got our pictures back we were totally floored. We now have HUNDREDS of photos of one of the happiest days of our lives, and we can't wait to work with him again. I have to mention that these photos are the most beautiful pictures ever taken-so stunning it's hard to imagine they're even real.
    Ryan & Jennifer. Raleigh, NC.
Wilmington NC Photographers


… it’s in the core of my Image-Making

Creative approach to photography

Professional Photographers Wilmington NC

The Power of iMAGE

You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Have you ever stopped and looked at one picture for a long period of time, looking for the story in the image, being captivated by the life, person(s), and place inside the image? Feeling the emotion, the memory, or just day, dreaming over a picture? Now imagine yourself IN that picture… It takes more than a snap of the camera to create stories...
It takes an image-maker.

Creative Approach…it is not all the same.

Making great pictures starts with a creative approach. It is how you see things, observe light, and most important , interact with people. There has to be a connection with your photographer. My approach is to create for each individual client something that is individual to them or to their brand.

For the corporate or business client, it is about establishing a relationship. It is here where I can connect with them, there goals, and needs.

"YOU" empower the picture!

Powerful image comes from much more than the camera and creative post processing. It comes from you. Yes, YOU! Everyone has a powerful and beautiful image. It's my job to make your image; to get to the true essence of who you are. It is about getting you to a place where your personality consumes and commands the picture. It can be serious or even humorous, and even, some place in-between. It is my creativity and artistry that puts it all together. But it is "YOU" that empowers the picture.

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Outside the Box
Creative Camera Capture

Lifestyle photography - portrait- couple in car - sunset -Photography-Wilmington-NC-Photographers

Image-capture… the finger print of a photographers style.

The creative capture builds on my approach to making pictures. Image capture is also what is individual to my style. Everything from the gear that I use to the way that I use and shape light. Everyone photographer has their own method of image capture which can be describe as part of their photography style. often what I do in the capture process is the start point for the design. It really depends on the project or the session. Most often, the capture is the standalone product. There are many aspects of creativity that go into the capture process. even to the smallest detail of giving people direction.

Part of my creative image capture is shooting for post production. This picture of the pirates is an example of the creative stage of creative capture. If you are looking for North Carolina Creative Photographers then check to my creative photography page.

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Inside the Camera
Ceative design services


Photography & Design

Creative design can be the basic post production of a image to creating complex images. The design process for me is no cookie cutter process. Ic an include a single image design and or composite images making where several images are used to make a single picture.

Every image tells a story... every story, needs an image-maker.
Chris Lang
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Design for Purpose
Every image tells a story... every story, needs an image-maker.
Chris Lang

Whether your family, your wedding, or your business brand… your image matters. Being an image-maker is much more than taking pictures, it is about “making your picture and shaping your image.” It is about crafting a picture with purpose, about making a picture that tells your story. If a picture is worth a thousand words then make every picture count, because your pictures says a lot about you.

Creative Portraits - Photography

Wilmington NC Photographers - Photography services - creative photography - lifestyle photography

Wilmington NC Creative Photography - Photographers

For me creative photography means many things. Sometimes it is just being creative in-camera. Or it could be using creative light. It can also mean the creative process in post production. This can be as simple as making a photography style or taking out to the next level of composite photography. Composite photography involve using several images or backgournds to make a single image.

I refer to my composite photography as Chris Lang Signatures. They can be for portraits or for making wall art. As you can see in the above pictures the original was created in-camera with minimal color post production. The finished product is what I call a “Signature Portrait.” The image above is a composite image. This is where two or more images will be used in the design process.

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Signature Portraits By Chris Lang

Portrait Photographers - Wilmington NC - Portrait Photography Services

Lifestyle Portrait- Photographer - Photography - Wilmington NC Photographers

Portrait Photographer

The art and craft of capturing your story and character through portraits has always been a real and true representation of people photography.

Portrait sessions can be a bit more creative than a traditional headshot and is aimed to tell a bit more of a story whereas a headshot can be described as a sentence. Portraits generally are photographing for a series of pictures even if you are just looking for a single image.

Chris is a
North Carolina Portrait Photographer who understands the importance and power of your image. It is his job to bring out your personality and make your image stand out and tell your story.

Wilmington NC Portrait Photographers

Portrait Photography

Portraiture, or portrait photography is typically of a individual or a group of people. The main attribute is capturing the expression, personality and or mood of the subject(s). There are several types and styles of portraiture although the focus is typically on ones face although this can include the entire body and background can have influence. Portraits can typically be more creative own presentation as there are not any general guidelines as say a headshot portrait would.

Let Chris bring his experience and craft to create a portrait that you are proud of an confidant in showing who you are. Chris is a
Wilmington NC Portrait Photographer .

If you are looking for
portrait photographers near me… Give us a call.

North Carolina Portrait Photographers
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Wilmington-NC-Head-Shot-Photographers - model - photo - photography

Head Shots Photographer

Chris is a North Carolina Portrait Photographer based out of Wilmington NC. In today’s world, everyone needs a great head shot. With online profile pictures and business websites, headshot are not just for actors anymore. Whether it be for you social media profile picture, online resume, or email signature, head shots are your first impression. You know what they say about first impressions? You only get one chance to make one. Head shots are just another kind of portrait. Even though head shots change in trends over time, it is generally a chest up picture.

Wilmington NC Head Shot Photographers

Head shots are typically taken on a solid background with a white background becoming the latest trend in recent years. Head shots do not have to be on a solid backdrop. There are many forms of head shots such as industrial head shots that incorporate a natural or industrial setting. So for what ever you need are, Chris brings a fun and professional process to getting your personality to shine for that first impression. To see some more work by Wilmington NC Head Shot Photographer Chris Lang, head on over to the portfolio page.

Head-shot photographers - Wilmington NC
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Executive Headshots - Corporate Portrait Photography - Business Headshots - Wilmington NC - Chris Lang Photography

Executive Portraits

Are you or your company needing new corporate portraits or business headshots? Chris Lang Photography offers on location commercial portrait services throughout North Carolina.

Looking for corporate portrait photographers near me… give Chris Lang Photography click the inquire button and se how we can help.

Head-shot photographers - Wilmington NC
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Corporate Photography


Lifestyle Portrait - Lifestyle Photography - Lifestyle Photographers - Lifestyle image - Lifestyle ideas - Wilmington NC

Lifestyle Photography

Chris is a North Carolina Lifestyle Photographer specializing in Lifestyle Photography. Lifestyle Photography is the art of you in the everyday. We create lifestyle sessions for both personal needs and professional portfolio. In essence, lifestyle photography is more a attitude and presentation that takes more creative, natural and often candid process in make pictures.

Lifestyle Photography sessions do incorporate a portrait style and also brings a more free flowing process to capture the personality of you in a fun and creative process.

Wilmington NC Lifestyle Photographers - Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photographer

So if you are looking to to brand yourself, remember a season in your life, or market an idea, let us know your idea or let Chris help you create and idea. Chris is a creative lifestyle photographer in Wilmington NC.

If you are searching for Lifestyle Photographers near me… hit the inquire button and see how Chris Lang Photography can create something special for you.

Lifestyle Portrait Photographer - Wilmington NC
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Lifestyle Photography


Wilmington NC Senior Portrait Photographers - Senior portrait photography - highschool senior

Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior Portrait Photographers - Wilmington NC

That defining time in life calls for a defining photographer. North Carolina Senior Portrait Photographer creates individualized portfolios for every Senior. One thing we enjoy is creating an awesome senior portrait portfolio that you can’t wait to show off. For me, senior portraits are all about going out and having some fun. It’s about being creative, being different, and letting your personality shine. Whether you want to incorporate your uniform, hobby or any props, or if you just want up show up and have some fun, you can feel confidant that you pictures will be sure to impress. So if you are looking for Wilmington NC Senior Portrait Photographers drop us a line.

Wilmington NC Senior Portraits - Senior Portrait Photography
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Senior Portraits


Wilmington NC Kid Portrait Photographer

Child Portrait Photographer

Child Portrait Photographers - Wilmington North Carolina

North Carolina Child Portrait Photographer Chris Lang not only understands those seasons in life go so fast, but also experiences those moments in his own family. You kids change right before your eyes. .Before you know it that season in their life is but a memory.

Nothing more powerful then to look back upon you keepsakes memory of you children. It is their story, your story, your legacy. The art of capturing kids is letting them be a little bit in control, letting them be themselves, and then being ready to catch the unexpected. So if you are looking for Wilmington NC Child Portrait Photographers, give us a call.

Wilmington NC Child Portrait Photographers
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Children Portraits


Wilmington NC Family Portrait Photographer - Chris Lang photography specializing in Family and Lifestyle Photography

Family Photographer

Nothing stands the test time more than a family picture. Having your family pictures made will for sure be one of your most valuable treasures and only gain intrinsic value as time moves on. Truly one of the few things that can be passed on form generation to generation. Anyone who has looked back at their generational family photos really know the power of image and how we remember.

Wilmington NC Family Portrait Photographers

North Carolina Family Portrait Photographer Chris Lang is based in Wilmington NC. Chris gets the privilege to make family pictures and meet some really amazing people. He knows the trust people put in him to document their family or that special time with all the family generations get together. So if you are looking for a Wilmington NC Family Photographer with a creative style, give Chris a call.

Family Portrait Photography Wilmington NC
Family Photographers in Wilmington NC
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Family Portraits

Wilmington NC Engagement Photographers - Engagement photos Wilmingon NC - Wedding Photography - Ideas - Inspiration - Chris Lang Photography

Wilmington-NC-Bridal-Portrait-Photography - bridal portrait photographers - bride- wedding drerss -bridal ideas - Chris Lang Photography

Bridal Portraits

Wilmington NC Bridal Photography by Chris Lang Photography

Looking for the best Bridal Photographers in Wilmington NC?

Are you looking for the best bridal portrait photographers in the Wilmington area to capture you in your dream dress? Hands down Bridal Portraits are one of my favorite photography sessions. A bride in her wedding dress and no wedding schedule attached equals a great time to creatively use light and shoot you in your dress in ways we normally can not shoot on a wedding day. This allows me to photograph a complete portfolio with multiple styles to choose form. Any one that has been married will tell you that your wedding day will be a blur. The great thing about bridals, even if you don’t plan to have a portrait on display the day of your wedding, is that we know going into your wedding that we have you and your dress covered when things get behind schedule on your wedding day.

I do not have to be your wedding photographer to be your bridal portrait photographer. I think every bride should have a bridal portrait session. I explain in more detail on my wedding website where you should go and check out some awesome bridal and wedding photography.

North Carolina Bridal Photographers - Bridal Portraits
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Wedding Photography Wilmington NC - wedding photo - bride - groom - wilmington wedding photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Looking for the best wedding photographers in Wilmington NC?

Are you looking for wedding photographers near me for your wedding photography? Well we love weddings and have our own signature style of wedding photography that we think is special in the way we tell your story. Chris coins his style as Lifestyle Wedding Photography. Lifestyle Wedding Photography is you, your style and personality throughout the wedding process.

This includes both the engagement photography and bridal photography process. Chris does not shoot just one style, but a blend of style that is free to create with the personalities of the couples he works with.

One thing Chris has learned that no two brides are alike and no two brides see a picture the same way. We through out the cookie cutter and handcraft every wedding style to the personality of the bride & groom.

North Carolina Wedding Photographers
Wilmingotn NC Wedding Photographers

On this website you can see a snap shot of our wedding work. Everything from Beach Weddings to Downtown Weddings to Country Club Weddings. We think that there is so much detail and information to share about weddings that Chris has a dedicated website just for the art of wedding photography. Be sure to check out the wedding pictures on this website but you certainly do not want to miss seeing some amazing wedding photography (if we may say so) over at Chris Lang Weddings.

Wedding Photographers in WIlmington North Carolina
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Engagement-Photographer-Wilmington-NC-Picture of engaged couple - engagment photographers - engagement ideas - engagement portrait - Chris Lang Photography

Engagement Photography

Wilmimgtom NC Engagement Photographer - Specializing in Engagement photogohraphy

Are you looking for the best engagement photographers in the Wilmington area? Chris offers his signature style of lifestyle engagement photography for that special time between “Yes” & “I do.” If you are looking for a fun and creative approach to capture your engagement photography check out our portfolio and see how Chris brings his signature style to engagement photos.

Engagement photographers in Wilmington North Carolina
North-Carolina-Engagement Photographers

Looking for the Best Engagement Photographers in Wilmington NC?

If you are looking for a unique and individual style, Chris is a North Carolina Engagement Photographer who brings a fun and relaxed approach to making engagement pictures.

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You can see some great wedding photography on this website but this is only a snapshot of what we do. We have a whole website dedicated just for weddings… If you are looking for Bridals , Engagements or Wedding Photography be sure to visit Chris Lang Weddings for a in-depth portfolio and wedding resources.

For Everything “Weddings” Click Below

North-Carolina-Sports-Photographer - Wilmington NC based photographer providing professional sport and event photography services

Professional & Corporate Events


north carolina commercial photography - chris lang photography

North Carolina Commercial Photographers | Photography

Commercial photography is anything that has the ability to sell something or enhance a brand. It varies from brand to brand and client to client.  Chris Lang Photography provides commercial photography services nationwide and had worked  with several organizations creating brands and also creating image to grow brands.  It is not all about photography as Chris brings a wealth of experience and creativity to help create new brands from both design and image.  So if you are looking for North Carolina commercial photographers, drop us a line and lets talk some ideas.

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Commercial Photography


Military - Law Enforcement - Tactical - Photographers - Chris Lang Photography

Tactical - Law Enforcement - Military Photographer

Pictures are our eyes into history, the story, and the life of those who serve. I believe pictures are one of the most powerful mediums to preserve, document, and to pass along the professional and personal legacies to the next generation. Whether it be a traditional, documentary, or creative pictures, I create images and film for those who serve.
I respect and honor those who have the courage to serve, sacrifice, and who have the grit to run in when everyone else is running out. I make pictures and multi media that illustrate the personality, circumstances, strength of those who in everyday life serve, protect and defend, and to share with those who benefit from their courage. If you are looking for
photography for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders, we can create image that will proudly represent your profession.

Chris Lang - image maker

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Tactical - Military - Law Enforcement



Sports Photographer - Photography

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Sports Photography

Professional-Event-Photogrpaher-Chris Lang Photography

Photographers -Wilmington NC

Finding he right photographer to meet your needs should not be a daunting task. While there is not a standard in the artistic field of photography it is important to be drawn to the style or styles of your photographer.

Welcome to Chris Lang Photography, A Wilmington North Carolina based professional photographer. Chris is a creative professional who works in several different creative disciplines and offers creative photography services in but not limited to:

*Headshot Photography
*Wedding Photography
*Bridal Photography
*Engagement Photography
*Family Photography
*Sports Photography
*Lifestyle Photography
*Commercial Photography
*Tactical Photography

Chris does not photograph in any one style of photography but has a creative blend of style to meet diverse client needs. Being a creative photographer Chris is often asked to create brands and or work along side creative professional to bring and image conception to life.

Looking for the best photographers in Wilmington NC?

Yes. I am in pursuit of creative perfection. And with this pursuit, there is no finish line. It is this attitude that keeps me creatively pursuing photography, videography and design. I hope you take your time to explore my websites as they not only an exploration in photography and image-making, but also a photography resource filled with information. Photography has lead me all over the nation and even the world, at times. Everything from portraits to weddings to commercial photography, I like to stay diverse in creating.

Take a look around and come back often. I continuously update my website with portfolios, blog posts and photography resources like the wedding review sites. These are perfect for brides looking for places to get married. I specialize in many areas, so this website is intended to be a little of everything. If you look around long enough, you will see I have passions and masteries in several fields of photography that command several different styles of photography. From coast to coast, I offer commercial, corporate and individual creative services. Regardless of photography, videography or design project, I take the time, passion, responsibility and attention to detail, to create pictures of relevance.
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Image of pga golf event- Wilmington-NC-Event-Photographer - Chris Lang Photography

Professional Event Photographer

Have an professional event that needs to be covered with world class image? Chris is a North Carolina Professional Event Photographer offering event photography service both nationally and certain locations worldwide. From sporting events, concerts, charity events, or festivals, Chris has the experience, creativity and logistical know how to deliver world class image in a streamlined no hassle process.

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Professional Events Photography


Editorial and marketing photography -

Editorial Photographer

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Editorial Photography


WIlmington NC Corporate Event Photography -  Event photographer - Chris Lang Photography

Corporate & Special Event Photographer

We know that your event is important. Chris brings over a decade of experience photographing professional events. He has built a trusted reputation among both large and small corporate clients worldwide. Whether documenting the pre-show set up or a live event.

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Corporate & Special Events Photography

Featured Slide Show


While video is all the rage, the classic photo slide show is an amazing and powerful way to tell your story. A Bald Head Island Wedding

Featured Video


Check out a fusion video of a Bride & Groom session. A blend of stills and motion.

Featured Fusion | Video & Stills


Our Fusion, AKA iN MOTION, is a mix of video & stills. We take the stills and bring some video to add a different dimension to story telling and memories.


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    Saturday 6th April 2019

    Embedded image

    Wilmington NC Family Photographers

    Have some fun with you family photo sessions.   Try a vintage look to create that family photo that will transend time.  Family photography by Wilmington NC family photographers Chris Lang Photography.

    Wednesday 6th March 2019

    Embedded image

    Wilmington NC Photographers | Business Headshots | Corporate Portraits | Chris Lang Photography

    Looking to update your business headshot or corporate portrait?   Wilmington NC photographer  Chris Lang provides headshots and portrait service to create professional headshots for any business portrait branding and presentation.   Chris Lang Photography not only creates powerful image, but also can bring consulting service in the branding or re-brand process.   Having worked with both small and large business, Chris brings and marketing strategy through the influence of image.       

    So if you are looking for a relevant and professional image,  contact Wilmington NC Photographer Chris Lang or see more professional business and corporate headshots at Chris Lang Photography.   

    Monday 11th June 2018

    Embedded image

    When it rains it pours… and then it makes incredible skies at twilight. Congrats Ashley & Chase! #sunsetweddingphotos #countryclubweddings #riverlanding #weddings #weddingphotography #wilmingtonncweddingphotography #chrislangphotography #brideandgroom #weddingideas #weddingphoto #weddingpicture #bride #groom #sunset #twilight #twilightweddings #riverlandingweddings (at River Landing)

    Friday 11th May 2018

    Embedded image

    When it rains on your wedding day there is still a magic time for photography. Congrat’s Taylor & Tomas!!! Thanks for coming back out to get those twilights on the beach. #weddingphotography #weddingphoto #ncweddings #atlanticbeachweddings #atlanticbeach #celebrationcottage #beachweddings #chrislangphotography #twilight (at Celebration Cottage)

    Friday 11th May 2018

    Embedded image

    When you get married on Bald Head Island, you ride in style with the Rolls Royce Golf Cart. #baldheadisland #baldheadislandweddings #rolls #bhiweddingphoto #bhirollsroyce #chrislangphotography #weddingphoto #destinationweddings #firstclass #ncweddings #bhi #weddingphotography (at Bald Head Island, North Carolina)

    Thursday 19th April 2018

    Embedded image

    It was cold it was windy but for this shot it was perfect. #wilmingtonweddings #chrislangphotography #wilmingtonncweddingphotographers #wilmingtonncengagementphotography #sunset #engagementpictures #engagementphotography #capefearriver #nc #photoideas #canon

    Monday 19th March 2018

    Embedded image

    There are no rules to creating your senior sortraits. Senior Portrait Lifestyle Sessions are about you, your personality and your style. #seniorportraitphotography #tennis #tennisphotos #lifestylephotography #seniorpictureideas #theserve #tennislove #pursuit #chrislangphotography #wilmingtonseniorportraitphotographers #canon #tennispassion #seniorpictures #seniorpics #seniorportrait

    Thursday 15th March 2018

    Embedded image

    Spring was, now is, or is trying to break out . One thing is for sure it is bridal season. Even with inclimate weather there are still great places to create stunning bridal portraits. These are my favorite sessions for sure. I think every bride should treat themselves to a bridal portrait session outside the fast paced schedule of a wedding day. #chrislangphotography #bridalsessions #bridalportraits #brides #weddingdress #bridlaideas #bridephotos #wilmingtonncweddingphotographers (at Belle Vue Wilmington)

    Headshots  | Wilmington NC Photographers
    Wednesday 10th January 2018

    Need a new headshot?   Chris brings a fun creative process to capturing your personality in image.    If you are looking for  Wilmington NC Headshot photographers or professional portrait photographers be sure to visit NC Photographer at 

    Wednesday 11th October 2017

    Embedded image

    Bridal Session at Belle Vue in Downtown Wilmington NC | Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers

    Here are few pictures from a recent bridal session with Emily.  She looked amazing in her wedding dress and the bridal bouquet from Verzaals were incredibly beuatiful.  The Belle Vue event venue provided the perfect backdrop to create her bridal portfolio.    If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a creative style check out lifestyle weddings  by Chris Lang.

    A video
    Tuesday 3rd October 2017

    Comgrat’s Sean & Laura. Amazing sky came out for about 10 minutes. You could see it coming and all of a sudden “bammm”. Wish there was a pause button. It was an awesome 10 minutes of color. #topsailisland #topsailislandweddings. #chrislangphotography #beachweddings #destinationwedding #sunsetwedding #sunsetwedding pictures #sunset #sunsets #weddingphotography #weddingstyle (at Topsail Island Beach, North Carolina)

    Wednesday 27th September 2017

    Embedded image

    Bald Head Island - NC - Family Photography - Chris Lang Photography

    Bald Head Island is one of of my favorite places to take my family.  It is also one of my favorite locations for providing Bald Head Island Photographers services for family portraits and Bald Head Island weddings.   

    Bald Head Island Photography Review

    “Chris traveled to the beach to do a family session with us. His work is outstanding and he captured so many authentic and genuine moments! He was so easy to work with and made the experience fun for all of us! He listened to what we were looking for and delivered 100%. He even changed his schedule when the weather looked iffy so we could get great outdoor shots. Couldn’t be happier!”

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers - Wedding Review
    Thursday 21st September 2017

    Thanks Jenna & Andy for the kind words.   Awesome to be a part of your wedding.


    “My husband and I could not have asked for more. Chris went above and beyond on what we envisioned. He was professional, calm, interactive, and captured the beautiful moments of the day. I also had a bridal shoot with him just a few days prior to the wedding. Chris was directive and tentative in capturing all of the details. He even had my bridal portrait ready the day of the wedding. Chris was amazing with communication via email, phone, text and answered all the questions we had. I cannot say enough about Chris and his talent. He loves what he does and it shows. He was behind the scenes and we hardly knew he was there. When the day was done, we received the website within a week of the wedding. We were taken back by all the beautiful moments that were captured. Thank you, Chris, for capturing such beautiful art that we can enjoy for years to come. “

    Wilmington NC Photographer  

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer 

    Monday 21st August 2017

    Embedded image

    My photography of the eclipse will be photography people looking at the eclipse during their ceremony on the beach at Bald Head Island. This should be fun. #eclipse2017 #eclipsewedding #bhi #baldheadisland #oldbaldy (at Bald Head Island, North Carolina)

    Thursday 13th July 2017

    Embedded image

    Something about oak trees on wedding days and Wrighsville Manor has a pretty sweet one. It was not quite twilight so had to create it with 3 speedlights. Congrat’s Kelly & Matt!!!!! Could not have had a better time with you all. What a fun group of family and freinds you have. #wrightsvillemanor #sweetoaktrees #chrislangphotography #wilmingtonweddingvenues #brideandgroom #twilight #wilmingtonncweddingphotographer (at Wrightsville Manor)

    Wednesday 12th July 2017

    Embedded image

    Romantic Intimate Elopement Ceremony - Airlie Gardens - Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer.  

    Sherri and Kelly had their intimate wedding ceremony at the iconic Airlie Gardens located in Wilmington NC.  Airlie Gardens became the beautiful backdrop for this fun loving couple.  I do not recall laughing along with a couple so much during the wedding photography.   Had such a great time with them both and what an honor to create these memories for them.  If you are looking for a Wilmington NC wedding photographer  swing by our NC Wedding Photography site and check out our creative wedding photography and lifestyle wedding photography.  

    Sunday 25th June 2017

    Embedded image

    Congrats Jordan Spieth on the win at the Travelers Championship in a playoff with Daniel Berger. His 10th PGA win at the age of 23. Only Tiger woods had more wins at the age of 23 than Jordan Spieth. Spieth is a class act! #jordanspeith #travelerschampionship2017 #tpcriverhighlands #golfplayoff #chrislangphotography #sundaywin #trophyshot (at Travelers Championship)

    Wednesday 21st June 2017

    Embedded image

    welcome Rory Mcllroy to the Travelers Championship. First to tee off at the celebrity pro am today. Great players field again this year. #travelerschampionship2017 #rorymcllroy #celebrityproam #golf #sonya9 #chrislangphotography (at Travelers Championship)

    Thursday 25th May 2017

    Embedded image

    Be sure to give yourself some time on your wedding day to make it ouside for twilight / dusk photos. There is only a very short period of time to get these styles & color of wedding pictures. For me, this is the magic time for wedding photography but also (generally) the toughest time to get couples outside. A little flexibility and planning will ensure you can get your twilight photos. #lifestyleweddings #lifestyleweddingphotography #twilight #portersneckcountryclub #weddingphotography #wilmingtonncweddingphotographers #wilmingtonweddings #canoneos #canoncameras #canonusa #

    Saturday 20th May 2017

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    Topsail Island North Carolina - Destination Beach Weddings

    Looking for a great destination wedding location on the beach.  Check out Topsail Island North Carolina home to Surf City.  One of the many North Carolina Barrier Islands  that is described as laid back and inviting.  Check out some of the beach wedding pictures Topsail Island wedding photographer   Chris Lang that showcases the beauty of the beach on Topsail Island. 

    If you are looking for Topsail Island Wedding Photographers  be sure to check out North Carolina professional photographer  Chris Lang and his signature style of lifestyle wedding photography.

    Thursday 18th May 2017

    Embedded image

    One of my product/lifestyle shots I did for the awesome Modest Vintage Player is in the current edition of British GQ magazine. Pretty cool. #gqmagazine #gq #britishgq #modestvintageplayer #chrislangphotography #vintagesportinggoods

    Tuesday 25th April 2017

    Embedded image

    Incredible sky last week at Ft Fisher. Everyone that knows me knows the phrase “just one more.” This was the just one more … last shot of the night. #sunset #ftfisher #lifestylephotography #justonemore #chrislangphotography #ncphotographers #wilmingtonncphotographers

    Friday 7th April 2017

    Embedded image

    Lifestyle Engagement Photography | Wrightsville Beach | Wilmington NC Photographers | 

    Spring has sprung and engagement sessions getting into full swing.   The perfect time for beach engagement sessions.   Looking for a North Carolina Engagement photographer to take the perfect beach pictures?  Give Chris Lang Photography a call and discover how he can create the perfect engagement pictures for you.   Lifestyle engagement photographer.

    Thursday 16th March 2017

    Embedded image

    It’s hard to call this a workday!Don’t tell the boss. Go UNCW!!!!!! #marchmadness2017 #goseahawks #gonnabeahalfday

    Friday 24th February 2017

    Embedded image

    It is 76 in February. Take advantage of this awesome weather and get outside for a walk on the beach. We have with a bunch of engagement sessions. #chrislangphotography #wilmingtonncphotographer #engagementphotography #wrightsvillebeach #access43 #enjoythe weather #beachengagmentphotography

    Sunday 29th January 2017

    Embedded image

    Diagon Ally - Universal Studios - Orlando Florida 

    Animated photo of Dragon Ally in Hollywood Studios, Orlando Fl.  Shot Fuji xt2

    Wilmington NC Photographer 

    A video
    Sunday 8th January 2017

    Thinking of warmer days. One from a Bald Head Island engagement shoot. #chrislangphotography #baldheadisland #baldheadislandengagement #baldheadislandphotographers (at Bald Head Island Beach)

    A video
    Thursday 5th January 2017


    Bald Head Island Aerial Virtual Tour | Bald Head Island Photographers | Chris Lang Photography

    Looking for a different kind of get away.  Bald Head Island the best kept secret for incredible getaways and family vacations.   Bald Head Island Photographers  

    Wednesday 4th January 2017

    Embedded image

    Congrat’s Dana & Perry! End of the night and last wedding of 2016 at the always awesome Brooklynn Arts Center. #chrislangphotography BrooklynArts Center #wilmington-nc-photographer #wilmingtonweddings #awesomepeople (at Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews)

    A video
    Wednesday 7th December 2016

    Race start 2016 West Marine Carolina Cup Stand up Paddle Board Race in Wrightsvillle Beach NC. #carolinaccup #westmarinecarolinacup #suprace #wrighsvillebeach #chrislangohotogtaphy

  • Photography Blog

    Open or Close

    Bill Murray at the Travelers Championship 2012

    Bill Murray at the Travelers Championship

    Getting ready for the 2014 Travelers Championship  here in a few days.  One of my favorite times of the year.  I have been meaning to share this one since 2012 about  Bill Murray at the Celebrity Pro Am.  I start with, this is written from my perspective and mostly personal account.  It is from a perspective of a tournament photographer and not a journalist.    It is also to share some personal experiences of a photographer behind the scenes and intended for those who enjoy the working field of photography.

    With that said, one of my favorite days of the Travelers Championship is the celebrity pro am.  A big reason is that it is much more loose on the course and everyone is there to have a great time.  When I heard Bill Murray was coming out this year, I was pretty stoked as I have been a long time Bill fan.  From Saturday night live days to watching Meatballs endless times, Bill Murray has been a bonding connection among my friends growing up watching movies.  I think we could recite every line in Caddy Shack and Stripes.   “Barnachy… he owes me money.”

    So it was a treat to be close to one of the actors you grew up with and always enjoyed.  Some of my fave movies are “What about Bob,”  “Rushmore,”   and “Stripes.”.  On Celeb pro-am day, you never know what to expect when you see the celeb’s exit from the clubhouse onto the first tee box.  This year, there was a lot of anticipation of Bill Murray coming out for tee time.   What  added to the excitement was that he was an iconic character in one of the most classic golf movies ever made.  This was substantiated by all the Caddy Shack memorabilia on the course.

    As the crowd gathered around the 1st tee, you could see people waiting in anticipation hoping to get their “Bill memorabilia” signed.  All of a sudden, you could hear the crowd go wild and all the “Caddy Shack” one liners being tossed out as he walked by.  When Bill got onto the 1st tee box, he was mobbed.  I mean mobbed by the media.  There was not much in the way of a safe place from a camera.  Media came out of the woodwork.  Not a typical setting on the 1st tee as it is always run with tight structure. 

    Even though it was my job to photograph Bill with the media interaction,  I actually felt for him as he could not turn with out getting a TV camera and microphone in his face.  This is that delicate time of when to build trust among the people inside the ropes but also understand  that you have a job to do. There is a on and off time.  There is a time to shoot and time when not to.  After years behind the scenes, you have to earn the respect of the people who hire you and build a trust among the people you will be around.  I have learned  that players will put their guard down and engage you when they know you are not snapping all the time.  I took a few shots that I needed to give the tournament for the 1st tee.  My intent was to get Bill later in the tournament when things settled down a bit.  

    One of the things about this celebrity Pro Am day was that it was HOT.  I mean HOT.  Like Africa HOT. (Yes, I have been there).  People were getting wiped out even before the play was happening.  I actually observed a lady pass out in the stands in front of me and it was not even 1pm yet.   It was crazy hot!  The golfer’s shorts were drenched and they did not even tee off yet.   So after we got the group shots and the players tee’d off on one, the mass of people headed down the fairway following Bill Murray’s group that included PGA player JB Holmes, Amhad Rashad,and Coach Scott Burrell.    I know my plan was to get Bill and his group at the 9th where I have nicknamed it the “gauntlet”.  This is where fans can line up on either sides of ropes where the players have to walk through the fans to get across the road to the 10th.  One of the best autograph opportunities on the course for sure.    As Bill and his group approached the ninth green, it looked like they just jumped into a pool with all their clothes on.  They were wiped and soaked.  Part of my job on this day was capturing the crowd’s experience and their interaction with the celebrities so I stay in the middle of the ropes which puts me next to the celebs and golfers making for a great vantage point to capture the interactions.  This is also where the professional memorabilia people come to get memorabilia  signed.  The players and celebs will often pass on signing certain products as I am sure they know it will just be up for auction somewhere down the line.  I saw everything  from Caddy Shack posters to an actual Mr. Stay Puff from Ghost Busters.  As Mr. Murray walked through signing autographs, a man yelling loudly really stood out from all men, women, kids, humanity trying to get Bill Murray’s attention.  All you could hear is “Bill, Bill, Mr. Murray, Bill. It’s in the hole, Bill…”.  You get the point.  Amongst all the chatter, all you could hear was the man who was screaming “BILL SIGN MY HAT.”    Bill stopped, looked back and went back to the guy. He looked at him, looked his hat and then took it from him.  When it looked like he was about to sign the mans Bronco hat,  Bill turned and threw it as high as he could into a tree and yelled “I hate the Broncos.”  The crowd erupted in laughter as the man’s hat hung in the branches.  Now I do not think Bill hates the Broncos, however the crowd, Patriots fans no doubt, were vindicated and it made for a “Bill Murray Moment”.  

    The 10th provides some shade as there is a players tent and no public can get near so it is a good rest point for the players.   The golfers went into the tent to get a break from the sun and get something to drink.  I knew Mr. Murray was tired and had been pummeled by the media and the fans so I holstered my cameras and just hung out.  During this moment of break, JB Holmes (tour player) took his picture with Amahd Rashad.  In that moment JB Holmes took out a piece of paper and wrote “I miss you Allan Parsons” and took a picture with Amashd Rashad.  Bill came over and asked what they were doing and JB Holmes said he is my caddy and this was the first week he missed in years so he was texting him a picture.  Bill took the piece of paper and held it up to his head so he could get another shot.   Normally, I would just have taken the shot.  This was an off camera moment so I asked him if he minded and he nodded to go ahead.

    I think they respected that and continued having some off-camera humor.   The only other picture I took at 10 was when Bill, drenching wet, went and sat on a volunteers’ lap for a minute.  The girl did not know what to do and was laughing, perplexed, and trying to figure out why Bill Murray was siting on her lap. This was out of view of the public and I thought it was pretty cool that he took a moment to make one persons’s day.  

    You often hear about the non-scripted stories of people’s encounters with Bill Murray and the kindness and humility he has when cameras are not around.  I am not sure if anyone has written about this or even known the story of what happened later that day. As mentioned before, this was a HOT day.  People passing out all over the course and even Geno Auriemma, the legendary basketball coach of UCONN, had a brief moment of heat exhaustion and went down on the course.   At the end of Bill’s round his caddy passed out in the parking lot.  You have to imagine the scene and understand that everyone was wiped out.  The Medical trailer looked like a MASH unit. There must have been over 30 people getting IV’s on gurneys.  So here is Bill Murray after a long exhausting day of not only playing golf in wicked heat, but also engaging and entertaining fans all day now in the parking lot with his caddy passed out.  No fans, no media, not much in the way of anyone around and now his caddy, who he probably never met before the day, now laying in the parking lot.  Medical attention arrives and they get to the tour player tent to get medical.  Bill stayed with his caddy for 2 plus hours until the caddy was finally brought to the hospital.  I was told that he checked up later on his caddy later that evening.  After hearing that side of the story, I have gained even more appreciation and respect for Bill Murray.  From the outside looking in, it may not seem like a big deal to the everyday person, however, if you saw how spent everyone was from the golfers to the public,  it takes a genuine thoughtfulness to see outside yourself and look out for someone else. In my book, that speaks to the character of people and Bill Murray showed just a little of his to a small group of people that day.  There were no media cameras around,  no one to publish a story…just a class act. Hope he comes back.  

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  • Wedding Snapshots

    Open or Close

    Monday 11th March 2019

    Embedded image

    Beach Weddings - Beach Wedding Photography - NC Beach Wedding Photographers  

    Beach season is just right around the corner which means so is beach wedding season.   If you are planning a destination or beach wedding then finding the right beach wedding photographer is just as is important as finding the right beach wedding venue.  

    Airlie Gardens Wedding | Garden Wedding Venue | Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

    Thursday 18th October 2018

    Scooted out to Airlie Gardens to spend a session with Andrea & Mac the day before their Airlie Garden Wedding.   


    This session gave us the time to get to areas we generally cannot on the wedding day as time is of the essence with the wedding day schedule.  


    If you are looking for a Wilmington NC wedding photographer  check out our wedding photography.   Chris Lang is a Wilmington NC Photographer offering photography services in North Carolina and destination weddings worldwide.  

    Chris Lang Photography

    Wedding Photography - Wilmington NC - Porters Neck Country Club - Chris Lang Photography

    Wednesday 11th July 2018

    A few pictures from Vanessa & Josh’s wedding at the Porters Neck Country Club.  Vanessa looked amazing  and her her wedding dress was just stunning.  If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Wilmington NC are then give Porters Neck County Club a look.   


    If you are looking for a Wilmington nc wedding photographers with a creative wedding photography style, check out the lifestyle wedding photography of Chris Lang.    

    Marker 137 - Wilmington NC Wedding Venue on the water

    Thursday 15th February 2018

    Marker137 is an outdoor waterfront wedding and reception venue located in Wilmington NC on the inter coastal waterway.   A great outdoor location for weddings, receptions or both.  


    Marker 137 offers awesome water views and is surrounded by majestic oak tress making it a beautiful place for wedding photography.  Marker 137 weddings & events can accommodate  small to large weddings and has more than enough space to set up a large tent for receptions.  

    If you are looking for Wilmington NC Wedding Photography or Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers  

    Friday 26th January 2018

    Embedded image

    Beach Weddings -  Wedding Photography

    Beach Weddings are more popular today than ever.  North Carolina is one of those places that offers an amazing amount of ocean front properties for that perfect beach house wedding and a plethora of options for beach front wedding venues.  Thinking about your beach wedding and want to see some awesome beach wedding photography?   Check out Chris Lang Photography and Chris Lang Weddings to see some of the incredible  North Carolina beach wedding venues and private homes that can host the perfect beach wedding. 

    Monday 8th January 2018

    Embedded image

    128 South Wedding | Wilmington NC Wedding Photography by Chris Lang Photography

     End of the night wedding photo at 128 South wedding and event venue in downtown Wilmington NC.   128 South is one of the most popular wedding venues in downtown Wilmington just a short walk away from the Cape Fear River  and River Deck making it a perfect location for wedding photography.   

    Looking for Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers for you wedding?   Check out Lifestyle Wedding Photography by Chris Lang

    Wednesday 22nd November 2017

    Embedded image

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photography Reviews   

    Congrats to Kelly an Matt on a incredible Wrightsville Manor Wedding. Thank you for a your kind words as you both were awesome to work with.  

    ‘Chris’s personality and professionalism made our day! You have no idea how important it is to have a fun yet professional person with you throughout the day. The pictures were spectacular and artistic. Chris was unobtrusive. Highly recommend this photographer!”

    Lifestyle Wedding Photography

    Looking for a Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

    Wrightsville Manor Weddings

    Thursday 9th November 2017

    Embedded image

    Airlie Gardens Bridal Photography by Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer Chris Lang

    A perfect bride in a perfect dress in a perfect place.   I had the privilege to capture Connor’s bridal portraits at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC.  Connor looked amazing and her dress was absolutely stunning in detail.   Starting with the location, Airlie Gardens Weddings is a perfect place for your outdoor wedding and or bridal photography.    It is always a joy to use these amazing garden backdrops.  Now putting Connor in her wedding dress in this setting made for a lot of photography fun.  If you are looking for a Wilmington NC wedding photographer for you wedding day be sure to check out the lifestyle wedding photography by Chris Lang a creative North Carolina wedding photographer.

    Friday 20th October 2017

    Embedded image

    Ocean Isle Island Beach Wedding Photography | The Dream Maker Beach House | Destination Weddings |  Ocean Isle Island Wedding Photographers

    Awesome destination wedding at the Dream Maker beach house on Ocean Isle Island in North Carolina.  Kate in her stunning dress and Adam in his custom tailored suit looked amazing.   Had the opportunity to his the magic hour of beach lighting to capture these stunning images.  North Carolina… What an awesome place for Beach Weddings.

     Looking for North Carolina wedding photographers to capture your wedding day?  Check out the lifestyle wedding photography by Wilmington NC wedding photographer Chris Lang 

    A video

    Monday 9th October 2017

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers

    Congrats Laura & Sean Moving picture taken at sunset.  Sunset wedding pictures should be a must at all beach weddings.   This was another amazing destination wedding on the beach of Topsail Island NC.   Looking for  Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers for you destination beach wedding?  Chris Lang Photography specializes in creative & lifestyle wedding photography.   

    North Carolina Wedding Photographers

    Airlie Gardens Weddings | Incredible Wedding Venue in Eastern NC.

    Friday 24th March 2017

    One of the most amazing wedding venues on the North Carolina coastline is Airlie Gardens. Just 5 minutes from Wrightsville Beach you would never think you were so close when walking in these lush gardens filled with majestic oaks.  


    If you are looking for a wedding venue to create amazing wedding photography,  Be sure to check out more Airlie Gardens Wedding Photography.


    Here are a few bridal pictures that shoe a small portion of the backdrops Airlie Gardens boasts.  

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

    Wedding Photography | Wilmington NC

    Tuesday 7th February 2017

    Embedded image

    Bridal Session at the River Landing Country Club | Wallace North Carolina | Chris Lang Photography

    A rainy day could not stop making Christina’s bridal session at the River Landing Country club in Wallace NC.   River Landing weddings are always a joy to shoot as there are so many great photography locations in River Landing.

    Christina wanted her bridal portrait made at River Landing so any time I can shoot there without a wedding schedule attached I’m in.  Any wedding photographer will tell you wedding days fly by and much of the day is run and gun.   Having an hour or two to take our creative time with a bride alone and no wedding day schedule attached makes bridal one of my favorite sessions.   I think every bride should have a bridal session because it allows me to document and create with different types of light that I would not normally get on a wedding day.  If you are looking for a North Carolina Wedding Photographers, drop me a line or stop by my Lifestyle Wedding Photography site to see my signature style of wedding photography. 


    Wednesday 4th January 2017

    Embedded image

    Bridal Photography at River Landing, Wallace NC |  River Landing Wedding Photographers

    Bridal photography at River Landing the hidden wedding venue  gem in NC.  If you are looking for a wedding venue check out more wedding ideas at River Landing Weddings.     

    For more River Landing Wedding Photography  visit  Chris Lang Photography

    Wrightsville Beach NC | Engagement Photographer

    Tuesday 27th September 2016

    Candid, fun and relaxed makes for the best engagement pictures.   Looking for a creative lifestyle photographer  for you engagement session.  Check out Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer  Chris Lang who brings a fun candid process to making image.  

    Monday 26th September 2016

    Embedded image

    Classic wood covered bridge make for the perfect wedding backdrop.  Wedding venue River Landing Golf Course located in Wallace NC.  Wilmington NC Wedding Photography

    For a signature style and creative wedding photography visit lifestyle weddings featuring  a creative blends of wedding photography styles.  .

    High Grove Estate Wedding |Chris Lang Photography | NC Wedding Photography

    Monday 25th July 2016

    Lisa & Adam’s wedding at High Grove Estate.  Awesome wedding venue in Fuquay Varina North Carolina.   Wedding photography by Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer Chris Lang  


    Country Club of Landfall - Wilmington NC - Wedding Photography

    Tuesday 3rd May 2016

    Congrats Jackie & Toby.  Always great to photograph fellow photographers.   Amazing wedding day at the Country Club of Landfall Weddings.  


    Chris Lang is  a Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer offering wedding photography services nationally.  North Carolina Wedding Photography

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

    Wednesday 27th April 2016

    Rainy day at Lebanon Chapel in Airlie Gardens makes for perfect  wedding photography.   Photo by Chris Lang Photography


    wilmington nc photographer

    wilmington nc wedding photographers

    Airlie Gardens Bridal Session

    Thursday 17th March 2016

    One of the most popular wedding venues in Eastern NC provides amazing views and backdrop and setting for bridal photography.  See more pictures from this bridal session at Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer Blog


    Wilmington NC Wedding Photography

    Wilmington  NC Wedding Photographers

    Tuesday 16th February 2016

    Embedded image

    Time to get things rolling again on social media after a long winter break. Check out this Bridal Session at the Arboretum last fall. Thinking of warmer days!
    Getting ready for the spring rush of bridals. My favorite time.

    ‪#‎bridalportraits‬ ‪#‎WilmingtonWeddingPhotographers‬ ‪#‎weddingdress‬ ‪#‎bridalphotography‬ ‪#‎aliceinwonderland‬ ‪#‎creativeweddingphotography‬

    Tuesday 12th January 2016

    Embedded image

    New Blog up of Vanessa and Seth.  Check it out here Bellamy Mansion Weddings.    Looking for wedding photographers in Wilmington NC?  Come on by and check out our lifestyle wedding photography.  

    Wilmington NC Wedding Photographers

    Monday 16th February 2015

    Embedded image

    Bridal Photography Inspiration By Chris Lang Photography Lifestyle Wedding Photography

    Wednesday 11th February 2015

    Embedded image

    Phase 1 completed. Come see the new web design. Lots of wedding pictures and wedding photography styles. Let me know what you think. More updates coming soon.

    Tuesday 10th February 2015

    Embedded image

    Wrightsville Beach Weddings at Shell Island Resort.  See some more pictures at

    Wrightsville Beach Photographers

    Saturday 31st January 2015

    Embedded image

    Old Baldy Light House | Bald Head Island Weddings

    See more at

Photographers in Wilmington NC - Photography Services