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“ We were blown away when we saw our pictures. You are a master of your craft and unbelievably talented.”
Nicole H. San Diego Ca
The thought and detail in every picture was just stunning. These pictures made a lot of my family literally cry from joy when seeing them.

"Clients say it better"

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    Chris, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the photographs of my daughter Sarah's wedding. As I was looking at the pictures I started thinking to myself. Everyone of these "picures" is not a picture, rather they are individual works of art. I am so happy with the pictures, words cannot explain. Thank you very much. If anyone wants a reference to attest to your work, I will be more than happy to oblige. Again, thanks for a wonderful job. You captured a special day in a special way.
    Dennis E
    MR - With the age of digital photography, there has been a diluting of the photography talent pool, often with amateurs posing to be artists and with the consumer left with too many choices. Since my father was a professional photographer before the dawn of the digital age, I saw this transformation. When our special date was set, it was actually my wife that took this task under her wing. When she first showed me Chris's web site and asked me what I thought of it, his artistic eye immediately caught my attention. It was obvious he took a lot of time and thought to come up with photographic sets that would make your moment stand out. We didn't want to have 'that' wedding album that would consist of the same stale regurgitated shots that just about every other couple out there ends up with. While it seems risky, we were confident after meeting with Chris that he would give us the type of style we wanted in our wedding photos. The end result was beautiful work that went beyond the lens, as Chris crafted the most special shots with what I consider photographic works of art. Many of the photos he took can't be relegated to small frames. They deserve to be in a magazine or better. The total package was a huge success, from his very fair pricing, his professional work ethic, and with consistent and thoughtful follow-up throughout the entire process. When you end up deciding on a photographer, while there are many out there that will capture a beautiful wedding, Chris Lang will certainly be one of your very best options and we are very glad we got to know him. Your wedding photographs will stay with you for a lifetime, long after your memories fade, so don't risk it on such a special day. MR. MR's I feel so fortunate to have found Chris. I called numerous photographers while in the planning stages, and immediately felt connected to Chris. While it seemed that many photographers treated this solely as a business deal, I could tell that Chris was both passionate and meticulous about his work. When my sister got married, we all felt like we were at the mercy of the photographer, and our memories are mainly of posing for the camera, not of enjoying the day (p.s. the photographer was a family friend). Chris, on the other hand, fit in perfectly with all the chaos, and actually made us enjoy the event more. He took a family that doesn't enjoy being photographed and put us at ease (He was so calming that he almost felt like one of the members of our family). We truly feel that he is a rockstar! Not only was he the most amazing guy to work with, but when we got our pictures back we were totally floored. We now have HUNDREDS of photos of one of the happiest days of our lives, and we can't wait to work with him again. I have to mention that these photos are the most beautiful pictures ever taken-so stunning it's hard to imagine they're even real.
    Ryan & Jennifer. Raleigh, NC.
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Chris Lang Photography | Wilmington NC Photographer

A Creative Photographer with a "Signature Style."

Signature Portraits | a Chris Lang Exclusive

Every image tells a story... every story, needs an image-maker.
Chris Lang
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The Power of iMAGE

You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Have you ever stopped and looked at one picture for a long period of time, looking for the story in the image, being captivated by the life, person(s), and place inside the image? Feeling the emotion, the memory, or just day, dreaming over a picture? Now imagine yourself IN that picture… It takes more than a snap of the camera to create stories...
It takes an image-maker.

"YOU" empower the picture!

Powerful image comes from much more than the camera and creative post processing. It comes from you. Yes, YOU! Everyone has a powerful and beautiful image. It's my job to make your image; to get to the true essence of who you are. It is about getting you to a place where your personality consumes and commands the picture. It can be serious or even humorous, and even, some place in-between. It is my creativity and artistry that puts it all together. But it is "YOU" that empowers the picture.


Featured Slide Show

While video is all the rage, the classic photo slide show is an amazing and powerful way to tell your story. A Bald Head Island Wedding

Featured Fusion | Video & Stills

Our Fusion, AKA iN MOTION, is a mix of video & stills. We take the stills and bring some video to add a different dimension to story telling and memories.

Featured Video

Check out a fusion video of a Bride & Groom session. A blend of stills and motion.

Because your iMAGE Matters...

There is Chris Lang Photography

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  • Photographer in Pursuit of Perfection

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    Yes. I am in pursuit of creative perfection. And with this pursuit, there is no finish line. It is this attitude that keeps me creatively pursuing photography, videography and design. I hope you take your time to explore our websites. They are not only an exploration in photography and image-making, but also a photography resource and place for information for people looking for the perfect photographer. Photography has lead me all over the nation and even the world, at times. Everything from portraits to weddings to commercial photography, I like to stay diverse in creating.

    So take a look around and come back often, as I will continuously update my website with portfolios, blog posts and photography resources like the wedding review sites. These are perfect for brides looking for places to get married. I specialize in many areas, so this website is intended to be a little of everything. If you look around long enough, you will see I have passions and masteries in several fields of photography that command several different styles of photography. From coast to coast, I offer commercial, corporate and individual creative services. Regardless of photography, videography or design project, we take the time, passion, responsibility and attention to detail, to create pictures of relevance.
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